Our company was initially founded from the entrepreneurial spirit of mrs bruna who, in the bedroom of her home, began to create small knitted garments using a second-hand looping machine. she soon purchased other machines and enlisted the help of her first collaborators. the economic boom of the 1980s, extensive processing requirements and, above all, the will to take risks saw mrs bruna's small workroom move to a new, much bigger and more modern building, employing more collaborators and soon to expand. from a company that predominantly focused upon manufacturing knitwear, from the early 1990s Niki Confezioni in a short space of time transformed into a company specialising in the creation of tailored knitwear (in the specific fabric), combining the latter with unlined jackets. these were years of strong expansion for the company but they also saw many companies moving abroad which led to a gradual decrease in work for local companies and for customers of the territory, with a simultaneous search by niki confezioni itself for increasingly diverse clients spread across different areas.

    the company gradually developed sufficiently to gain an authoritative position in the textile sector's market due to the quality and sophistication of its products. in particular, the company focused upon producing fabrics such as jersey, cotton, polyamide, polyester, fleece, boiled wool, denim, milano rib and woven fabrics, but also the finest natural fibres such as cashmere and extra-fine merino wool, producing predominantly: polo tops with shirt-style collars and cuffs, structured t-shirts and jersey shirts, working with numerous italian companies and even establishing contacts with foreign enterprises.

    in 2006, the owner's son, nicola, joined the company, which coincided with a new expansive push and an injection of energy which saw the company establish its pattern design department equipped with a cad system and a plotter for printing patterns. market demands and increasingly pressing requests for special processes from customers saw Niki Confezioni equip itself with more modern, efficient and automated machines, thereby further improving the quality and accuracy of its products. currently, the company has linear / two needle sergers, a button fastener, a button-hole machine, a bar-tek sewing machine, two cover stitch needles, two knot stitch needles, slip stitch, blanket stitch, zigzag stitch, lettuce edging, slalom stitch and comb stitch: all strongly competitive and programmable machinery. the company also has a drawing station with two dovetail irons, two-drawer press, folding station, packaging and control, and for a little over a year it has had an auto-cut machine which guarantees accuracy, speed and quality. Niki Confezioni, unlike many other companies operating in the textile sector, therefore deals with a complete processing cycle: from the design of the pattern and creation of the prototype, to the cutting and manufacture of samples and production, as far as the drawing, packaging and check of the garments and delivery of the finished goods. the company handles the most diverse requirements from its customers, also by way of its collaboration with trusted external suppliers which deal with specific phases such as embroidery, printing, application of rhinestones and studs, dyeing and various washes.

    currently, the company, in addition to its three shareholders, has a good 10 female collaborators, all highly specialised and employed in the sector for many years. the business spirit and direction, fully shared by the latest daughter to join the company, federica, is that of making increasing investments both in terms of human resources and in terms of equipment and machinery so that the quality of the processes, along with the company's excellent customer service, is guaranteed. this is both with a view to future opportunities to acquire new markets in emerging countries and to become a point of reference within the highly specialist fabric manufacturing industry of the veneto region.

    The company, with a strong and crucial family focus, manufactures in the local area but has also decided to sell across the world, ranging from sportwear, clothing for dogs, lampshades.